Let Freedom Ring: Women for liberty, not dependency

By Jodi Erickson

In order to win re-election, the Obama administration has sent out a point person, Hilary Rosen, to divide and conquer the female vote. Her method: disrespecting the experience and lifestyle of Ann Romney as a stay-at-home-mom.

Rosen dismissed Mrs. Romney’s ability to advise her husband, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on economic and women’s issues because, according to Rosen, “Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life.”

Rosen also claimed Mitt Romney is “old-fashioned” (whatever that means) and “doesn’t really see us (women) as equals.”  If Mitt Romney is consulting his wife, isn’t he respecting his wife and her opinions and insights?  You can’t have it both ways, Ms. Rosen.

In spite of Obama’s effort 24 hours later to distance himself from Ms. Rosen and her insulting comments about Ann Romney and all stay-at-home-moms, her 35 visits to the White House scream influence! Rosen met privately with Obama on five of those occasions. Compared to nine visits overall by CIA Director General David Petraus, Rosen should be viewed as a close confidante of the President.

Let’s see this for what it is: President Obama seeks to pit “working” women against stay-at-home-moms (SAHM’s) in order to divide and conquer our votes in his re-election bid: the female only version of his class warfare strategy. Obama’s rhetoric is telling. Using words like “luxury” and “privilege” to describe SAHM’s he attempts to drive wedges and inflame passions.

The truth is Hilary Rosen, a democratic party strategist, wants to use women as pawns in her effort to re-elect President Obama. She seeks to leverage her position and prominence to promote a leftist agenda.  (Apparently Rosen’s willingness to play dirty politics is not something she is ashamed of, if this article is accurate.  It reports on Rosen’s unabashed admission she has often purchased votes on The Hill.)

SISTERS, DON’T TAKE THE BAIT!!!   We long ago decided to respect each other’s choices regarding working and raising our families.  We have long since chosen to support each other’s choices, be friends and even look after each other’s children.

We women know the real issue here is freedom.  Economic freedom provides us with more choices for ourselves and our children.  Religious freedom provides us and our children the moral anchor we need to keep freedom alive.  Political freedom is the third leg of the same stool.  All three are needed to maintain the integrity of our U.S. Constitution which guarantees these freedoms.

President Obama would have single and financially-struggling moms see the government as their salvation, when in truth, government has become lord and master, and at worse, something akin to an abusive husband.  Be sure to read this book by Star Parker: “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.”

In the early days of the women’s movement, N.O.W. organizers encouraged women to be financially independent of men, even their husbands, in order to be fully empowered.  They encouraged women to band together and support one another.  So why does that same group want to re-elect Barak Obama, a man who wants women to make enemies of one another and become dependent upon the government for their livelihood?

Ultimately it’s not about women. It’s about socialism.  President Obama and all Leftists want to “fundamentally transform America,” diminishing our exceptionalism, even as American women.

Simply put, socialists want us all to be dependent upon the government from cradle to grave in order to solidify their hold on power.

A country where the government is our father, our mother, our spouse, our neighbor, and our priest, is a country of unmotivated, demoralized people; NOT the real America!

More government control ALWAYS equals LESS freedom.

What do you want for your children?  Freedom, or dependency –cloaked in a false security?

The women’s movement has always encouraged women to choose freedom over dependency.  So let’s do just that! Let’s be the strong band of sisters we are and reject President Obama’s vision for America. Instead, “LET FREEDOM RING!”


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