Conservative Women Take to the Highway in National Bus Tour



Selena Owens

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Conservative Women Take to the Highway in National Bus Tour

Tampa, FL – March 21, 2012 – A national conservative-women bus tour might be heading to your city. Fittingly titled, “Powerful, Beautiful, Fearless: The Conservative Woman Tour,” the 21-day tour, coming soon.. This tour will be headlined by both grassroots and noted national figures, the tour celebrates the conservative woman, defines the relevancy of her values, and highlights the contributions she makes to her family, community, and country.

“Powerful, Beautiful, Fearless: The Conservative Woman Tour,” is comprised of an in-house, core team of politically active conservative women. Invitations for nationally known speakers to periodically join the tour are in the works. In keeping with fundamental grassroots movements, no national personality leads the charge. Conservative women—and men—who participate in politics at all levels undergird the call to action. Topics include the national debt, border security, conservative principles, and politics ranging from the grassroots level to the presidency.

Beginning on Thursday, March 22, an online campaign will kick off offering women to create and upload a two-minute video to the website titled, “Why I am a Conservative Woman,” for a chance to win a spot traveling on the tour. Additionally, on the website, video interviews with leading conservative women throughout the country will be posted, the first to include conversations with the Florida Federation of Republican Woman (

Selena Owens, author of, The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God, Family, and Country is a spokeswoman of the tour. Owens has spoken at over 250 tea parties and conservative events. She believes that conservative women are central to the 2012 elections and more importantly, to society as a whole.

Owens states, “If conservative women were not as powerful as they are at home and within family, society, and politics, they wouldn’t be the object of vitriolic attacks from liberals. That’s an issue that will be addressed on the tour, but we will also celebrate our conservative values as women, wives, mothers, and capitalists.”

She continues, “The agenda is to celebrate Conservatism, silence our critics, and inform and positively impact women to learn more about our values and ideals. One purpose of the tour is to invite women who are not conservatives to join us at a rally or for lunch—whatever event they are comfortable attending—and hear our position on social, fiscal, moral, and political issues.”

An accompanying book of the tour containing compelling essays from conservative women provides an opportunity for women nationwide to submit an essay for a modest fee in exchange for publication, books,

and national exposure. A magazine journal commemorating “Powerful, Beautiful, Fearless: The Conservative Woman Tour” is forthcoming.

The tour is sponsored in part by Relevant Productions, LLC, a Tampa-based production company that creates conservative books, publications, and events.

For media inquires, more information about sponsorship opportunities, to submit an essay, or to host an event, go to

To contact Selena Owens directly regarding appearances or statements, call (202) 372-7875 or email


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